Wash - Dry - Fold

You Drop, We Wash!

Doing laundry yourself is over! Use our premier Laundry Service at Sunny Bubbles Laundry! You can easily drop off your laundry, we wash-wash-dry-fold it, and have it back in your hands within hours!

Find Us At: 4461 W Vine St, Kissimmee FL

From the ease of our clients dropping their dirty laundry off to them picking up, our service does not disappoint. Your laundry is sorted, tracked, and washed individually to ensure every piece of laundry stays together and makes it back to your household.


With our freshly paved parking lot, and ample parking spaces, it allows our clients to easily pull up and drop off their laundry. We have attendants at the store from 7am-10pm who will also meet you outside in the parking lot to help out with any Wash-Dry-Fold laundry.

Clothing Separated

After drop-off, we immediately tag your bag for tracking, which continues throughout the entire Wash-Dry-Fold process. Your clothing is separated into whites, mediums, and darks to assure that your clothing always keeps its brightness & true color.


Once your laundry moves to the washing procedure, it is washed in its own, private washing machine, assuring you of cleanliness. Our attendants have over 20 years of laundry experience, which allows our machines to be operated at maximum efficiency.


Your laundry is then transported to a dryer, where it is checked once again to assure that all of your laundry has moved through the process with no mixing of others. You can ensure that your laundry is handled with extreme care, as the washers & dryers used for Wash-Dry-Fold are set aside from any Self-Service station.


Once your laundry has completed the drying cycle, it is then separated once again to be wrapped in sectors. Your shirts, pants, and other wearables are folded neatly, and wrapped together, whereas your underwear, socks, and other smaller garments are wrapped individually or in pairs.


Now that your laundry has completed our entire Wash-Dry-Fold process, it is ready to be picked up. We currently are running a standard Next-Day turnaround, which allows our customers to quickly get back their much needed laundry, including sheets, towels, and more.

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